Simplified House Inspection Checklist
By Greg Vanden Berge

Why Should I Waste My Time, When I Can Hire A Home Inspector Who Has Plenty Of Experience?

That's a good question, the only problem with the answer is that you really don't know for sure, that this person has enough experience. I worked with a guy who was a licensed general contractor for over 30 years, trust me, he didn't qualify as someone with experience, but played the experience card, constantly.

He convinced almost every homeowner that we worked for, that his experience, combined with my experience, provided them with the best of both worlds. He was right about one thing, if it wasn't for my experience, the homeowners would have been in trouble.

If there is no way of knowing for sure, that your home inspector has enough experience to realize the difference between a small problem or a big problem, you're screwed.

If the home inspector needs to get home, because his favorite television show starts in an hour, you're not going to get the best inspection.

Do yourself a financial favor and learn how to inspect your property, yourself. If you're going to rely on someone else, you could end up with extraordinary home repair bills, in the future, because they either didn't have enough experience or didn't spend enough time, inspecting your property.


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