Save The Planet - Start Your Own Worm Farm
By Greg Vanden Berge


I don't know if you realize how much trash you’re going to send to your local landfill, in the next 10 years, but it's going to be a lot.  As our population increases, we will need to find ways to reduce the amount of trash that you're sending to the dump. 


What if I told you that you could reduce the amount of garbage that leaves your house, simply by starting a worm farm?

Would you be interested? 


Well it isn't difficult, but it can make a big difference.  A few months ago, I saved my local landfill about 50 trash cans that would have been filled to the brim, in garden waste, from trimming trees and general yard clean-up. 


That's a lot of green waste that my worms will eventually turn into valuable plant food.  Instead of sending cardboard, paper, lawn clippings or junk mail to the dump, you can turn it into some of the best compost, available on the planet. 


Instead of sending all of your kitchen waste down the garbage disposal or to waste processing plants, you can put it in your worm farm.  There are more environmental benefits to starting your own worm farm, than you could imagine. 


Each time a trash truck picks up your trash and hauls it to the dump, you can plan on burning valuable fossil fuels and creating extra air pollution.  Not only that, if we could reduce the amount of time and labor spent on processing your waste, we might even be able to lower our utility bills. 


Eventually were not going to have a choice, especially if we continue to burn through our natural resources, pollute the air and water and ruin our environment.  I would imagine that it will be mandatory for everyone to have some type of waste processing facility, on their property, in the future, so why not get started today. 


If you're interested in helping to save the planet, a worm farm is an excellent place to start.

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