The Ultimate Home Buyers Checklist
By Greg Vanden Berge

What If You Could Save Thousands of Dollars Using A Simple Home Buyers Checklist?


Do I Have Your Attention Now? Would You Be Interested?

Put an end to the stress and annoyance of home shopping with a list of questions most people don't even know to ask.

Home Buyers Beware

If you've haven't purchased a home before, I would advise you to purchase this checklist and get advice form others who have been through the home buying process. Don't rely entirely on your real estate agents or it could cost you a small fortune, it happened to me.

I bought a home in 1983 and filed for bankruptcy in 1985, because I thought I knew what to look for and who to trust. Wow!..... Was I ever wrong.... I paid about 35% more than I should have for a house two years later I couldn't even sell. The Real Estate Salesman even convinced us he would help us with the down payment. He was very clever.

Latter I found out he had got another 2,500 dollars out of the transaction.

I learned a lesson I will never forget, but unscrupulous Home owners and Real Estate Professionals BEWARE!!!! This home buying checklist is going to put you out of business.

I created this checklist because my family had been telling me for years to put my money where my mouth is and do something about it. There are over 300 questions on the home buying checklist.

I compiled this list of questions from over 30 years in the construction business, dealing with problems from unsatisfied home buyers. I'm the person they have to call when they finally realize they bought a house with problems.

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