2 x 6 Sloped Ceiling Framing


The ceiling framing, you're looking at above is located in the master bedroom and the architect wanted to create a roof affect and the cathedral ceiling.

Using the 2 x 6 to slope the ceiling in a situation like this is common. You can tie in the 2 x 6 sloped ceiling framing, and to the 2 x 10 roof rafters to create a pitch to roof affect in the ceiling.

To build a 2 x 6 sloped ceiling like this, you can locate the center of the floor and snap a straight line on the bottom of it, then you plumb up to the ceiling at both ends, then you can snap a line on the 2 x 10 roof rafters.

This will provide you with a straight line, to nail your 2 x 6 ceiling framing rafters to.