Black Mold Behind Tub Surround


There is a large spot of black mold that was found underneath the plastic bath tub surround. Bathtub surrounds that aren't sealed properly, can allow moisture to enter behind them. This of course over time can attract, ants, termites and of course mold.

I often get asked the questions, "How Can We Prevent This?" Proper installation and maintenance can prevent mold from growing behind your walls or bathtub surrounds.

When working on someone's home, I often find mold and wood rot behind, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers. Anyplace where moisture can accumulate, mold and wood rot can be found.

Removing Top Layer Of Plywood Flooring

Pry Bar Removing Plywood

Rodent Home Under Bathtub

Water Damage Around Tub Drain

Insufficient Tub Surround Adhesive

Bathroom Floor Heating Vent

Tub Diverter Mold Problem

Finished Repairs To Flooring

Repaired Plywood Flooring Around Toilet

Repaired Plywood Bathroom Floor