Demo Stucco Around Window


When replacing Windows, you want to remove about 2 inches of stucco, around the entire window frame. The reasoning behind this is, normally, you will have 3 inches of solid framing around the perimeter of the window.

If you go beyond the 3 inches, you could damage the building paper. This would require you to remove more stucco, until you exposed undamaged building paper.

The building paper is your home's protection from moisture. If the paper is damaged and not repaired properly, your new window replacements might look good when finished but could leave your home exposed to moisture problems.

Try to minimize the damage to the building paper.

When removing stucco around your Windows, try to give yourself enough room to comfortably remove the old window and replace the new one. Be as careful as you can, when removing the stucco and this will save you time and money later on.