Fiberglass Shower Pan

This Fiberglas shower pan is large and has two seats located in the corners. Large showers provide plenty of room for one person to shower in, but keep this in mind, the two shower seats could give you the illusion, when making the purchase, that there is plenty of room for two people to comfortably fit in the shower. That might not be the case though.

If you can stand in the shower before you buy, always test it first, to see if it will fit you comfortably.

Try to avoid shower pans that aren't solid. Some shower pans are two pieces that set into each other and could eventually separate, creating a squeaking sound and eventually leading to failure.

Fiberglas shower pans are slowly being replaced by acrylic materials and I would imagine in the future, Fiberglas showers and shower pans will be a thing of the past.

New Fiberglass Shower With Door  Before Demo of Old Fiberglass Shower