Fiberglass Shower Pan Demolition

After removing the old Fiberglas shower unit, you can see that, the section of the shower floor around the shower drain has not been removed yet.

This was hard to remove, while the shower was in place and needed to be cut carefully to remove the shower enclosure. The hard water deposits and corrosion created difficulties when for removing the shower drain.

Be careful when removing Fiberglas showers or bathtubs. Always wear safety goggles and a good facemask to protect your self from floating airborne Fiberglas particles.

Most Fiberglas shower and bathtubs will need to be cut, in order to remove them easily from the bathroom. Cutting into the Fiberglas, sends little pieces into the air. These particles can create health and breathing problems.

If you're not comfortable, removing Fiberglas bathtubs or showers, I would advise you to contact a professional.

New Fiberglass Shower With Door  Before Demo of Old Fiberglass Shower