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Double Landing Staircase Framing

Rolling Scaffold

Garage Beam With Post Framing

Shear Panel With Mold

2 x 4 Drop Ceiling Fire Blocking

Door Framing Between Garage and Laundry Room

4 x 4 Post Connection To 4 x 8 Beam

Window Installed In Wood Framing

Moist Stop Over Window Needs Staples

Entry To Stairway Framing

Wood Backing For Toilet Pipe

Hole Drilled Through Floor Joist For Toilet Pipe

Notch In Top Plate Framing For Toilet Pipe

Toilet Pipe Going Through Floor and Wall Framing

Under Side Of Entry Roof Framing

Tricky Ceiling Framing

Lower Stair Landing With Stringer

Plywood Stair Treads

Stair Stringer To Landing Framing

Roof With Half Inch Plywood

Ridge Beam Strap To Wood Post

Rafter Connection To Ceiling Ridge Framing

Ceiling Rafters Attach To Roof Rafters

Plywood Draft Stop In Attic

Interior Roof Shaped Ceiling Framing

Ceiling Beam With 4 x 4 Post

Interior Framing Gable Studs

Exterior Wall Framing Over Roof

Double Roof Rafters Over Beam

Window Over Stairway Ceiling

Double 2 x 6 Ceiling Beam

Top Of Stairs At Floor Framing

Contractor Drinking Coffee

Double 2 x 10 Roof Rafters

Stair Landing Framing View Down

2 x 10 Roof Mid Span Blocks

Plumbing Waste Pipes In Wall

Good Looking Contractor

Inspector Looking At Ceiling

Roof Framing Blocks Over Wall

Hip Rafter And Ridge Connection In Ceiling

Water Heater Vent Through Plywood Framing

Bathtub and Sink Rough Plumbing

Sink Vent Pipe In Wall Framing

Pipe Protector On 2 x 4

Plumbing Vent Turn In Wall

Plate Strap On Bottom Wall Framing

Toilet Paper Backing In Wall Framing

Plywood Framing Around Toilet Pipe

Shear Panel Next To Window


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