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Shower Drain On Subfloor Framing

Framing Stud Bay For Shower Valve

Shower Valve Next To 2 x 4

Protective Metal For Plumbing Pipes

Framing For Over Head Shower

Water Heater Floor Closet Framing

Water Heater Vent In Ceiling Framing

Bathroom Wall Framing

Structural Post At Window Framing

Post Under Glue Lamb Roof Hip

Framing Around Bathtub Valve

Framing Plate With Copper Pipe

Rough Framing For Washer Plumbing

Gluelam Hip In Ceiling Framing

Plumbing Vent Pipe In Attic Framing

Wood Block With ABS Pipe

2 x 6 Wood Framed Ceiling

Vinyl Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window In Wall Framing

Long Wood Framed Wall Ready For Windows

Bottom Window Moiststop

Framed Window Opening

Living Room Rough Framing

Double Gang Electrical Box On 2 x 4

Window Corner On Exterior Wall Framing

Secure Wood Framed Colum With Blocking

Concrete Colum Base

Carpenter Building Wood Scaffolding

One Foot Square Colum Base Framing

Gable Roof Framing With Flat 2 x 4

Wood Scaffolding

3 Double Hung Windows In Rough Framing

Upper Window Corner Over Moistop Flashing

Three Foot By One Foot Wood Colum Framing

CB44 Bolted To 4 x 4 Wood Post

Windows In Framed Exterior Framed Wall

Framed Door Opening Ready For Door Installation

Use A Ladder To Install Windows

Framing For Heating Register

2 x 4 Wall Built On Top Of Ceiling Joist

Walls Framed For Entertainment Center

2 x 4 Framed Wall Attachment To Sloped Ceiling

Interior Window Framing

2 x 10 Roof Rafter Vent Blocks

Family Room Pop Out Wall Framing

4 x 8 Beam Connection To Wall Framing

Roof Hip Framing At Bottom Wall

Family Room Pop Out Ceiling Framing

Front Side Garage Framing

Eight Foot Long Shear Panel Wall Between Windows


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