House Framing Pictures 2

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Garage Hold Down Connection

Anchor Bolt With Nut And Washer On 2 x 4 Treated

Concrete Garage Stem Wall Corner

Louvered Garage Vent On Plywood Wall

Plywood And 2 x 4 Framed Fireplace Stack

Z Bar Backing From 1 x 4

Framing Fireplace Vent

Complete Installation Of 3 Double Hung Windows

Three Foot By Three Foot Window

Six Foot French Door In Framed Wall

Window Flashing Under Window

Structural Shear Panel Wall Bottom

Missing Shear Panel Anchor Bolts

Framing Three Interior Windows

Anderson Double Hung Interior Installation

Shower Light Next To Shower Head In Framed Ceiling

2 x 12 Shower Pan Framing Blocks

Plumbing Pipes Crammed Into Stud Bay

Framed Plywood Shower Seat Before Tile

Rough Framing Of Shower Floor

Shower Dam Framing

2 x 6 Bathroom Wall

Bathtub Filler Wall

Diagonal Roof Truss Brace

Anderson Ten Lite Door Installed

Extended Garage Door Header

Roof Framing Drywall Backing

4 x 4 Post To Garage Header Connection

Structural Shear Wall Inside

Skylight Framing With Light In Between

Skylight Using C16 Metal Strap Left Side

Skylight Using C16 Metal Strap Right Side

Kitchen Skylight Framing

Framing 2 x 4 Skylight Well

Hanging Rough Electrical Wires For Lights

Hot Moped Shower Floor Pan

Hot Moped Wall View

Plywood Backing On Wall In Shower Pan

Bathtub Meets Shower Framing

Rear Hot Mop Of Shower Pan

Shower Seat Hot Moped With Tar

Back Of Hot Moped Shower Seat

Corner Of Hot Moped Shower

Shower Window Installed

Window Shim Used For Adjustment

Repaired Shower Wall Framing

Hot Moped Shower With Seat

Shower Seat Framing Side

Installed Skylight In Framing

Flush Mounted Lights In Ceiling


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