House Framing Pictures 3

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Treated Plywood Column Framing Base

Column Framing and Roof Soffit

Timber Strand Floor Joist Corner

Strap On 2 x 4 Plate Forty Five Degree Corner

2 x 6 Nailed On To Window Header

Hip Roof Soffit Corner

Different Size Window Framing Headers At 45 Degree Corner

Bottom Of Ceiling Framing With Floor Joist

Bay Window Fascia and Soffit Framing

Plywood Shim Under Top Plate

Filling In Outside Bay Window Corner With Angled 2 x 4

Strong Tie Wall Top Connection

Hold Down Screwed To 3 x 6

Hold Down With Anchor Bolt Done Correctly

Metal Pin Holding Down 2 x 4 Treated Plate

Fireplace and Hearth Framing Interior

Framing Rough Fireplace Opening

Framing Plates On Concrete With Plumbing Pipe

Stair Landing Fire Block With Cast Iron Pipe

Stair Closet Wall Framing

Cast Iron Pipe In Top Plates At Stair Well

Stair Stringer Fire Blocking

Four Bolt Shear Wall Hold Down

Metal Strap With 4 x 6 Wood Blocks

Shear Wall Header

Bottom Plate Gap For Shear Wall Plywood

Wall Intersection With 4 x 6 Hold Down

3 x 6 Mudsill For Shear Wall Framing

Interior Soffit Framing In Living Room

Floor Framing With Toilet Pipe

Backing Block Holds Up Drop Ceiling

Drywall Backing In Ceiling Corner

Lower Stair Framing

Stair Stringer Connection To Landing

OSB Nailed On Side Of Stair Stringer

No Stair Nosing

Floor Headout For Toilet Plumbing

Double Floor Joist Without Hanger

Floor Joist With Top Flange Hangers

Post Beam Soffit

Framing Garage Corner And Concrete

Back Of OSB Shear Wall

Shear Panel 3 x 4 At Plywood Breaks

Strap Garage Headers

Garage Header OSB Shim

Family Room Framing

Scaffolding Jack

2 x 4 Nailed On To Wall For Scaffolding

Ceiling Framing At Wall

Corner Hold Down In Wall Framing