Building Exterior Pictures 1


Roof Dutch Stained Wood Siding

Front View Carlsbad Train Station

Blue Brick Wood Trim And Siding

Wood Trim Over Garage Door Plywood Siding

Roll Up Door Wood Trim Siding

Siding Trim 1 x 4 Corner At Brick

Damaged Roll Up Door Trim Bottom

Door Jamb Damage At Concrete

Aluminum Window With Wood Trim

Dutch Roof With Western Siding

Old Store Front Wood Porch And Roof

X Shaped 2 x 4 Wood Handrail

4 x 4 Decorative Post Bottom

Top Of X Shaped Wood Handrail Connection To Post

Shaped 4 x 10 Roof Beam On Porch

Two Foot Square Brick Column Bottom

Open Porch Roof Store Entry

Front Of Shaped Ridge Beam

Black Hanging Light At Store Entry

Stucco Colum Under Roof Beam

Roof Entry With Stucco Posts

Brick And Shaped Stucco Columns Building Entry

Cantilever Roof Overhand With Siding

Western Style Wood Porch

Post And Beam Connection At Shed Roof

Roof Cantilever Stucco Ceiling

Vent In Stucco Ceiling

Flush Light In Stucco Ceiling

Brick Walkway Under Porch

Door With Stucco Wood And Brick Wall

Roof Rafter Shaped Tail

Light Hanging From Wood Ceiling Beam

Roof Ridge Beam Into Building Siding

Beam Holding Up Rafters Into Siding

Wood Column Top Under Beam

Carport Under Wood Siding Building

Steel Pipe Columns In Carport

Ivy Tracks On Wood Siding

Damaged Roof Overhang

Spanish Roof Overhang

Termite Damage Wood Trim Over Stucco

4 x 8 Roof Rafter Ends Into Stucco

Foam Trim Stucco Window

Stucco Wall Vents

White Stucco Foam Trim

Fascia Stucco Trim

Stucco Roof Wall

Siding Roof Overhang

Tan Lap Siding With White Wood Trim

Red Corbel On Stucco Wall