Construction Framing Pictures

Stair Stringer Without Ledger

Nailing Stair Stringer To Wall Framing

Block Between Upper Stair Stringer

Wall Holding Up Stair Landing

Drywall Backing In Wall Under Stairs

Glue Lam Beam With Plumbing Next To It

Beam In Floor And Plumbing

Floor Framing With Plumbing

Floor Beam Connection To Wall With Drop Ceiling

TJI Floor Joist With Pipe Running Through

Wall Under Window With Water Pipes

Floor With 3 Inch ABS Pipe Going Up

Shower Trap In Floor Framing

Upper Stair Stringer Connection To Floor Joist

Upper Stair Framing

Drywall Spacing In Between Stairs And Wall

Behind Framing Stair Headout

2 x 6 Framing Cleats Holding Up Stair Ledger

Under Stairs Top Framing

2 x 8 Floor Joist Without Hangers

Stair Landing Framing

Stairs With OSB Landing

Flight Of Stairs During House Framing

Wall Framing Furring Strips

Framing Under Stairs

Square Shower Pan Wood Framing

Using OSB For Shower Pan Blocks

Rough Plumbing Shower Drain

Top Plate Strap

3 x 4 Top Plate Connection To 2 x 4 Top Plate

Outdoor Deck Framing Corner

Blocking For Interior Floor Trim

OSB Deck Framing With Walls

1 x 6 Wood For Roof Flashing

Outdoor Fireplace Deck Framing

Fireplace Framing On Wood Deck

2 x 6 Band Around Fireplace Framing

Two Story House Front Deck Framing

Step In Floor Framing

Strap Wall To Floor Beam

Stair Stringer Problem No Ledger

Framing Toilet Room

Rough Plumbing For Toilet

Vent Pipe In Floor Framing

2 Inch Vent Pipe Going Around Post In Shear Wall

Rough Plumbing For Wash Machine

Framing With Plumbing Pipe Sticking Out

Ceiling Framing Drywall Backing

Second Story Floor At Exterior Wall Framing

Shear Wall Without Top Plate Straps