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Fiberglass Shower Pan

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4 x 10 Dry Rotted Roof Ridge



Home Building Pictures 2  3  House Framing Pictures 1  2  3

Building Exterior Pictures 1  Construction Framing Pictures

Bead Board Ceiling

Porch Ceiling

2 x 4 Wood Trim Around Window

Back Porch Handrail

Small Window With 2 x 4 Wood Trim

Back of House With Siding

Porch and Handrailing

Window With Wood Shutters

Double Gables With Single Siding

Front Porch

Redwood Stained Wood Fence With Gate

Round Gable Vent With Shingle Siding

Front Porch Siding

Lower Stair Landing

Roof Rafter Mid Span Blocking

False Bath Ceiling Framing

2 x 6 Sloped Ceiling Framing

Lower Stairs

Floor Damage Under Tub

Floor Rim Joist Dry Rot

Shower Window Sill Dry Rot

2 x 4 Bottom Plate Dry Rot

Damaged Tile Backing

Double Landing Stairs

Rolling Scaffold

Rafters Sitting On Garage Beam

Garage Wall Framing Into House

Front House Entry Roof Framing

Garage And Entry Framing

Second Story Window Installation

1 x 6 Wood Fence With 2 x 4 Cap

Removing Top Layer Of Plywood Flooring

Pry Bar Removing Plywood

Rodent Home Under Bathtub

Water Damage Around Tub Drain

Insufficient Tub Surround Adhesive

Bathroom Floor Heating Vent

Black Mold Behind Tub Surround

Tub Diverter Mold Problem

Finished Repairs To Flooring

Repaired Plywood Flooring Around Toilet

Repaired Plywood Bathroom Floor

Demo Stucco Around Window

Removed Old Window

New 2 x 4 Window Trimmer

Window Framing Repair

Installed Marvin Wood Windows

1 x 4 Wood Trim Around Window

Stucco Repair Around Window

1 x 4 Wood Trim Around Exterior Window Sill

Window Shims

4 Inch Groove T 1 11 Plywood Siding Window

Color Coat Around Window

Corner Wood Windows

Marvin Window Sill Shims

Interior Window Installation

Corner Windows With Wood Trim

Interior Window With Rounded Drywall Trim

Interior Corner Windows That Are Different Sizes

Two 3 Foot By 5 Foot Double Hung Windows

Cherry Framed Mirror Over Vanity

Cherry Finished Lower Linen Cabinet

Cherry Finished Upper Linen Cabinet






Bathroom Tile and Window Installation

Bay Window House Remodel

Bay Window House Remodel 1

Bay Window House Remodel 2

Camarillo Room Addition Framing

Carlsbad Buildings

Carlsbad Buildings 1

Carlsbad Buildings 2

Carlsbad Buildings 3

Carlsbad Buildings 4

Church Building In Fallbrook

Church Building In Fallbrook 1

Concrete Foundation Pour

Concrete Foundation Pour 1

Concrete Foundation Room Addition

Concrete Foundation Room Addition 1

Door Trim Installation

Door Trim Installation 1

Door Trim Installation Greg

Fallbrook Buildings

Fallbrook Buildings 1

Fallbrook Buildings 2

Foundation Room Addition

French Door Glazing Caulking Removal

French Door Installation

House Ceiling Framing

House Remodel Newport Beach

House Sub Floor Rebuilding

House Sub Floor Rebuilding 1

Huntington Beach Room Addition

Huntington Beach Room Addition 1

Huntington Beach Room Addition 2

Huntington Beach Room Addition 3

Huntington Beach Room Addition 4

Huntington Beach Room Addition 5

Huntington Beach Room Addition 6

Huntington Beach Room Addition 7

Old Houses In Harmony

Room Addition Drywall

Room Addition Lath and Plumbing

Second Floor House Framing

Second Floor House Framing 1

Second Floor Wall Framing

Second Floor Wall Framing 1

Spa Bathtub In Garage

Spa Bathtub Waste and Over Flow Repair

Spa Bathtub Waste and Over Flow Repair 1

Vista House Built In 1959

Vista House Built In 1959 1

Vista House Built In 1959 2

Vista House Built In 1959 3

Vista House Built In 1959 4

Vista House Built In 1959 5

Vista House Built In 1959 6

Water Bed Assembly

Water Bed Assembly 1

Water Bed Assembly 2

Wood Trim Miter Box


Single House Building Pictures

Old Cast Iron Waste Pipes