Stair Building   Stair Building


Remove And Replace Damaged Stairs

Repair Damaged Stairs

Repair Squeaking Stairs

Stair Framing During New Construction

Historic Stair Renovation

Design And Build A Set Of Stairs

Damaged Concrete Stair Repairs

Stair Stringer Replacement

Double Landing Stairs 

Concrete Stairs

Deck Stairs


Greg has built over 2000 sets of stairs in his career. With that said this qualifies him to build almost any kind of stairway that could be designed.

We can replace or repair interior and exterior stair damage from wood rot, water damage, termite damage or abuse.

We build new stairs for custom homes, room additions, and decks.

If you need help designing a set of stairs or are having problems building a set of stairs, there is a very good chance I have ran into your problem and can solve it.


If you need a in home estimate contact us or go to online estimates  to find how you can email us some information about your home improvement projects. If we have enough information with some pictures and details about what you want done we can give you an estimate without coming to your home. If you are looking for some ideas about how much something will cost to repair or remodel, email us the information and we can help you get started today.