Locate Structural Building Problems

This would involve reviewing blueprints or building plans after the architect and engineer are done. A good example of this would be heating ducting, plumbing pipes or electrical wiring that would create problems with the structural components of the building.

Even the best engineers, builders and architects can complete a set of plans to the best of their ability and think they got every possible problem corrected only later to find out that a waste pipe for a toilet is running right through a structural beam.

I don't guarantee I will find every problem on your project but if I could find one major problem on your plans this could save you a small fortune in construction costs as well as time. The changes needed by the building departments, engineers and architects could stop your job for days, weeks or even months, I've been there and I know.

Don't let this happen to you. I have consulted for contractors and homeowners after the fact. After the building is completely framed and the plumbing contractor needs to put a toilet pipe were a structural framing member is located. Now they're asking me how can we fix this, how much is it going to cost and of course the blame game of whose fault is it so we can charge them.

Solving these problems before hand is a lot easier than solving them afterwords, it's also a lot cheaper in the long run.