Water Damage

This is the back of a shower we had to remove and rebuild. The water damage was pretty bad from the poor workmanship. The shower wasn't more than 5 years old and in the bathroom looking at the shower from the inside, there wasn't any noticeable damage. You could see very little water damage until we started to remove the flooring and stucco. The shower was not going to be replaced. Our original job was a whole house remodel with a two story room addition.


Wood Damage From Bathtub

Water Damaged Roof Beam

Floor Damage From Leaking Bathtub

Black Fungus Starting To Decay Wood

Extensive Window Sill Damage

Bottom Wall Damage From Water Leak

Window Framing Damage From Water

Ceiling Water Damage

Leaking Roof Damage To Ceiling

Interior Wood Window Damage


Finished Shower Repair

Structural Repaired Wood Window Framing

Bathroom Plywood Structural Floor Repair

New Hot Mopped Shower Repair

Blocking For Shower Water Proofing

Structural Wood Framing Repaired

Shower Problem Area

Finished Windows

Carpet Water Damage

Hole In Wall From Water Leak

Electrical Switch Water Damage


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