Visual Property Inspections

One of the problems I have found with home inspections when purchasing or selling a house is that a real estate professionals seem to use the same inspectors. Some of these inspectors and real estate professionals do not represent your best interests as a home buyer or seller.

I have been approached by homeowners as well as professionals in the home building and selling industry to receive a payment for a home inspection where the work was either substandard or not repaired to my satisfaction.

We are not licensed home inspectors. We can only offer a second opinion when purchasing a house.

If you have a house that seems to have re-occurring problems like doors and windows sticking or some of them you can't even close anymore you could have major building problems or even problems with your foundation or soil.

If you have large cracks in your floors, walls, ceilings or even your roof this could also be caused by a construction building flaws or ground settling issues.

We can help diagnose the problem and even provide you with a possible solution for the building repairs.