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Where Do I Start


If you know what you want to build and you have a picture or a plan you can fax or email me the items along with a brief description.     Contact Us Today  More Information click here



If you have know ideas or plans and would like some help. You can use this web site by clicking on the links above, below and to the left on this page.

Example:  You want to install a skylight in your bathroom because it is to dark.

You have a couple of options here. The first would be to click on the skylights link as shown in the picture to the left. This will take you to another page about skylights.


Know that you are on the skylight page you can see if there is any helpful information on bathroom skylights. You can also click on the bathrooms link since you are looking to install a skylight in a bathroom.

 If you don't find the information you are looking for try some other links like the ones on top  Home Improvement Ideas or Pictures.

If you want us to help with the design and planning email us or call us for a in home estimate.