Whole House Remodeling

What Is a Whole House Remodel?

This usually involves the homeowners moving out of the home or takes place after the home is purchased and before the homeowners occupy the house. These remodels can include major structural, electrical, plumbing and heating repairs or replacement.

How Much Longer Will the Process Take?

It can take a while. Some of the smaller remodels have been done in less than two months, but the larger ones can take up to a year, from start to finish.

Budgeting: Create a budget, before and while you are in the planning and design stage. I would suggest allowing between 10% and 30% in the budget for changes or extra work that might be necessary for the project completion. It's extremely difficult to plan for everything in advance.

Planning: Planning the whole house remodel, is probably going to be the most important phase of the construction process. Try to cover every possible part of the project. Good planning can lead to an efficient and speedy construction process. Spend the time now, to think about, the bathrooms, the kitchen, carpeting, your roof, heating, electrical and other parts of the home that need to be repaired or replaced.

Building Permits: most cities require building permits, if the whole house remodel is going to be extensive. Building permits can be approved in a few weeks, but don't be surprised if this process lasts for a couple of months.

Demolition: This is the messy part of the process, where the older parts of the home are removed. Be advised as the homeowner, watching your house getting destroyed can make you wonder or even second-guess, if you're doing the right thing.

Construction: After the plans are approved and the design is complete, the construction process will take place. This will involve repairing, remodeling or replacing the older parts of the home and upgrading them to your specifications.

Project Completion: finally the process is complete, all the decisions have been made and now it's time to move into your beautifully remodels new home.

As a building contractor, I have watched plenty of homeowners get carried away with these whole house remodels. Set your budget, design the project, and build it. I started working on a home one time, the budget was $400,000. When I left the project it was at 625,000. Create a budget that you can live with.